Dear friend! Join us!
Your participation and support are very valuable and important for us right now!

Anyone who is guided by the principles of humanity, charity and mutual help changes themselves and the world around them. Without these principles in the 21st century, humanity has no chance to survive!

At this difficult time, the "Solar Universe" Charity Fund helps Ukrainians: provides shelter to refugees, sends humanitarian aid, helps the army, takes care of children's institutions for orphans and social centers for mothers with children, implements charitable projects for the revival of Ukraine. We invite everyone to join in the important work of charity and kindness at this time.

We believe in victory and care about the future of Ukraine and the world!
Like the rays of the sun, when we all come together, we will create the Sun!
Let's create the future together!

Latest news

Support from America (28.06.2022)

Everyone is experiencing the terrible tragedy of the 21st century in their own way - the war in Ukraine, the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Someone despairs, someone remains a loving parent, someone defends the state, someone helps

Assistance to migrants from the eastern and southern regions in the city of Brovary (June 28, 2022)

Thanks to the support of sponsors, BF "Sony Universe" handed over food kits for displaced persons who are currently in

Cherries for children: the taste of childhood (06/23/2022)

Who among us does not remember the taste of ripe strawberries and berries growing in the garden, the taste of fruit plucked from the tree in the bright summer sun in childhood? Taste and feeling from childhood